Good style facial hair with mullets

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Use a razor and a shave gel or an oil to keep skin clean-shaven around your goatee. Thank you You are on the list. Take a small comb or beard brush and gently tease out and downwards as your dry. However, do take note that beards require time, products, and grooming to keep you looking sharp. If in doubt, ask a barber to tend to your beard with your next trim, then keep up the shape at home. Use your jawline as a guide as to where to end your goatee. To keep your beard looking and feeling its best, apply a good beard oil and distribute throughout your beard with a natural bristle brush.

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To keep stubble at the optimum length, use a beard trimmer on a mm setting.

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Forget mullets and man-buns – only one hairstyle for men is truly unforgivable

Business Mullet Hairstyle Source All the same, we know that not all men can afford to maintain a casual and careless mullet in all situations. If Nikolaj Coster-Waldau can pull of a mullet in this day and age, so can you! We think you'd also like. To increase the bushiness, try blow-drying your beard using a hair dryer on a cool setting. Bohemian Mullet Haircut Source Not all mullet haircuts have to be sleek. Last year his play-off beard inched into the respectable category.

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good style facial hair with mullets
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