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Baldness may have survived to the present day by linking itself to increased androgen production. The simple answer is that androgenetic alopecia, or male pattern baldness, runs in William's family. Across the continent, young African girls usually wear the buzz cut as well. Differentiating between exaggerated claims and promising initiatives can be a full-time job, according to Dr Susan Holmesa hair loss expert at the British Association of Dermatologists. Jason Statham shaved his head after his hairline began to recede years ago.

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Although most images from the time show Egyptian women with hair, these were wigs and hats.

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Villains should all be bald if they want to be taken seriously. A very sexy bald Tom Hardy. But in some African cultures, a woman with bald or closely shaven head holds religious and cultural significance. The results are there for everyone to see. Its hair-growing properties were first noticed by users of Proscar, a 5mg dose of finasteride originally manufactured by Merck for treating enlarged prostate glands.

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