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As with all conjuring what you see is just the just the tip of an iceberg made of many many hours of practice. Or at least take them to an art museum once in a while. I think the world would be better with better art—and that God wants artists to do their part to make the world better. The Stake President expressed his confidence that she should serve anyway—that nothing in her home offended him, and that if anyone was offended by it, it was probably because that person had experienced something in their past that was unpleasant. So here it goes. One unhealthy way is to fall into an addiction to pornography.

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Like Icarus for a moment you fly.

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Art History’s Most Daring Nude Artworks and Painters

So there you have it. Painters or drawers acting out freedom, as if mimicking how they feel the actions might be, they could somehow achieve the actuality by some sort of sympathetic magic. Our body is our temple, created in the image of God. Each will result in a different sort of image. Satan pointed out that they were naked, and told them they should feel ashamed. I could go and have gone months without attending a figure session. I want to make good art.

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nude painting blog
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nude painting blog
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