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They are more common among teenage girls but can affect teenage boys, too. Do not ask if she has an eating disorder if you do not know her very well. Watch for sudden changes in eating habits. Feeling overweight in spite of being very thin. The mental illness is successfully treated a number of ways. You can't tell just by looking — a person who loses a lot of weight might have another health condition or could be losing weight through healthy eating and exercise. In the United States, as many as 10 in young women suffer from an eating disorder.

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This information provides a general overview and may not apply to everyone.

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Eating Disorders

Using diet pills, water pills, or laxatives. Chewing food for an extended period of time Orthorexia: It gets too hard to join in on snacks and meals with friends or families, or too hard to stop the addictive exercising or working out to have fun. Not every weight change is associated with an eating disorder. This approach fosters true long-term recovery from teen eating disorders. Both types are characterized by irrational fear of weight gain and abnormal eating patterns. Society and media images also put a lot of pressure on people to be thin.

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teens eat each other small girl problems
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teens eat each other small girl problems
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