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He is given such power, and in order to win an argument, he spanks his wife. If someone needs to dominate, control, and abuse their woman to feel like a man then they need some serious help. This has not always been the case. Fast forward, I spent 20 years married to a man who absolutely made me insane. Can i say that i think my heart stopped?. Traditionally, women expected men to know what to do. If your precious traditional gender roles were so amazing why did women fight back?

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What more does a man need to launch him into action?

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6 Big Reasons a Spanked Wife Is a Happy Wife

A good spanking can help with the hormones a LOT and also change my mood from sad and resentful to super snuggly, appreciative, and sexually insatiable. Consensual spanking is one of the most intimate acts that a man and women can partake in. Part of that role is insisting that you be treated with respect, just as you should treat her with respect. Though, i do not believe i can change the minds of people like you, who still believe in old sexist stereotypes. I need this so bad we have done it a few rimes but as soon as life gets hard he stops then i suffer from thinking he doesnt love me as much.

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spank my wife chalenge
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spank my wife chalenge
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