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She shifted even more and looked up at Sango. Kagome smiled and sat on a rock and proceeded to look through her bag. She took her leg off of it, the small engraved scales sliding against her bare skin, and held the eel gently. Sango then ran her hands down to Kagome's hips and trailed kisses down her stomach, until she reached her waist, when—. Kagome yawned softly as she opened her eyes; she looked at the clock beside her bed, seeing that it was 8: They both sighed and remained quiet, trying to find the right words to say to each other. We've been lucky so far… The last thing Sango and Kagome wanted was getting knocked up.

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What mesmerized and horrified Kagome simultaneously was watching Inuyasha and Sango together.

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Kagome noticed that Sango was now awake, and sitting up in the bed. She spread Kagome's lips a little and lapped at her juices. Kagome stood up and went deeper into the cave. Her entrance was wet and cum soaked, making it easy for the eels to slide out, not to mention the slime the eels were producing. Sango moaned and bucked her hips up as Kagome pumped her hair inside her lover.

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