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Houston Police Officer Ronald Plotner testified that, between approximately In claim IV B 4 b and a portion of claim IV B 10petitioner alleges he was denied the effective assistance of counsel during the guilt phase of his trial because counsel failed to object to extrinsic testimony on collateral issues including testimony about Clayton Finch's alleged sexual abuse of Jennifer Finch, a neighbor's testimony concerning the manner in which Dana Thrall dealt with her children, information about a fire in Gragg's home, and testimony concerning Gragg's separation from her husband. Using circumstantial evidence -- no one saw Elliott enter or leave the home, and the gun was not recovered -- prosecutors convinced jurors that Elliott killed Finch and Thrall. Romell Broom was convicted in the slaying of Tryna Middleton after abducting her at knifepoint in Cleveland as she walked home from a Friday night football game with two friends. Young heard two loud "banging noises" coming from Jousters Way, followed by the sound of a female scream and three more banging noises. They have murdered at least 22 people. Internet - Jealousy Number of victims:

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In his first assignment of error, Elliott contends that the trial court erred in failing to inform his counsel of this jury question.

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He had never met Robert Finch, 30, previously, as he shot Finch execution-style in the doorway and then severely beat his female acquaintance Dana Thrall, 25, when she stumbled upon the killing. Cruse released Larson with orders to tell the police to turn off the lights, while he held Brown hostage in the store. To all of the members of the Thrall and Finch facilities: As the trial court indicated in denying that motion, Elliott had ample opportunity to call witnesses at trial. Officer Daniel arrived a few minutes later and walked around to the back of the townhouse.

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