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We hope this story will give us inspiration to stop any kind of animal abuse. Consider it assisted natural selection. While living on the island, Pony will receive special care and attention from the staff who will monitor her development and survival skills. And her body was covered in mosquito bites with her skin getting infected. A beautiful orangutan was taken away from her habitat and kept in a house not as a pet but as a medium to earn money through prostitution. Is this what the world has come to now?

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More notable than that scrot-shriveling chestnut is Molly's penchant for slathering on makeup in a prostate-enlarging John Wayne Gacy visage of nightmares and whatever the exact opposite of a boner is.

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The Horrifying Story Of A Sex Slave Orangutan

Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation. But raping orangutans, this is really disgusting! Some scientists seem dedicated to exploring all of the ways that Lovecraftian horror can be made real for their test subjects. December 1, at 3: Please enter a Username. But getting out there and doing something for them would be a real effort. July 6, at 9:

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shaved sex orangutan
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shaved sex orangutan
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