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The creators of the game have given an artistic reason for this, but the actual answer is that the game was just unfinished. These Street Fighter Images Are Amazing Chun Li's thighs are the eighth wonder of the world, capable of breaking open coconuts and kicking holes through brick walls. It also doesn't help the blatant fanservice that you can maneuver the game's camera to take a peek up her skirt. The reason for this is a technical one: The nudity may have been the reason that this scene was changed. I see that not only as an indicator of all the things she gets right, but of how starved we are for fully developed female protagonists who are treated as well as she is. King of Fighters Random Fact:

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The world of gaming is inundated with token female characters who exist purely as eye candy, and our patience on that front has long worn thin.

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25 Female Video Game Characters That Will Drain More Than Your Stamina

They hide graphic nudity within their games, in the hopes that some wily fans will one day discover them. Rayne is a half-human, half-vampire creature called a dhampir who has as much of an affinity for showing off cleavage and wearing tight leather pants as she does slicing Nazis to bits. Viper are the only playable female characters in Street Fighter that originate from the United States. One of the principle characters in the Borderlands series, Mad Moxxi has appeared in every single game. Juri is easily one of the sexiest women in Street Fighter. Beyond even her curvaceous appearance in the Arkham games, Harley embodies all that is wild, crazy, and untamed, and shows a lot of enthusiasm for what she does, which only adds to her lasting appeal. With superhuman strength and a love for Muay Thai, Angel isn't the kind of girl you want to make angry.

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sexiest naked video game characters females
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sexiest naked video game characters females
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