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Taking any test can be nerve-racking, let alone taking a test at the DVS. Satisfy a Minnesota DPS requirement. Taking Minnesota Driver's Education course from home is an exciting alternative to learning the rules of the road in a classroom setting. Minnesota driving courses are offered both online and in a classroom setting. Taking your MN permit test doesn't have to be a frightful experience as long as you are prepared.

Online education means you spend less to educate your fleet than you would in a traditional classroom setting.

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With over 30 years combined experience teaching driver safety, Minnesota motorists can count on us to exceed their defensive driving education expectations. Why take a Minnesota Mature Driver Program? View graded exams to see how you performed and to uncover what Minnesota drivers ed topics you still need to study further. For minor traffic citations for moving violations, many Minnesotan Judges will grant you permission to attend traffic school to fix your traffic ticket. Sign In To re-enter your course where you left off, please enter your email or driver's license number and password below: Discounts at restaurant often change over time, therefore please contact your local restaurant in Minnesota first before dining there to verify which senior citizen discounts are available. This course is offered completely online.

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