Definition of sex linked trait

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So let's say that the allele frequency of this is 1 in 7, the frequency of Xh, the hemophilia version of the X chromosome. So these would be female, and those would be male. Who determines whether their offspring are male or female? But everything I've dealt with so far, OK, this clearly plays a role in determining sex. That's going to be my nucleus.

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Genetic Science Learning Center.

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Sex linkage

And then he found a reason to get her essentially decapitated, even though it was all his fault. But what it tells you is it does very little other than determining what the gender is. Is that the people doing the blame are the people to blame for the lack of a male heir. Is it the mom or the dad? Girls have two X-chromosomes; to be colorblind they must inherit two defective copies, one from each parent. Well if this is a relatively infrequent allele, a female, in order to display it, has to get two versions of it. So what does that mean?

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definition of sex linked trait
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definition of sex linked trait
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