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Sam walked over to Danny and pushed him on the bed, giving him an erection again. Are you high, Dad? Here, come closer and I'll show you…" Danny and Sam were standing up, facing each other. Tucker was about the same height as Danny and always wore glasses and a red hat, a yellow sweater, green pants, and boots. He started to bit and lick on Sam's boobs, and she loved it. He was much more unique then the other guy!

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Finally, after an hour and a half, they completed having sex.

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Sam started kissing Danny harder and holding him tighter. Come here…" Before he knew it, Sam started to tilt her head to the side and leaned forward. The trio went to Casper high, a public school in Amity Park. Sam started rubbing noses with Danny and smooching him again. Danny pumped his cock and shooted cum all over Sam's naked tits and body and aimed some in her mouth. Sam's bedroom has appeared a couple times on the TV show, but Danny has never seen Sam's room before. They both realized it was wrong, and they were only 14, but they didn't care because it felt so good having the cutest ghost guy in the world on top of you squeezing your boobs, or the most beautiful girl in the world with short, jet-black hair and beautiful purple eyes and a great body.

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