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Even after the iron was removed, the pain continued. She heard the horrible garbled screeching of her friend Michelle as the lightening raced through her body. Marsha stood nearby watching closely. It was just more sanitary this way. I tied her hands behind her back, handcuffed them, and before she could notify her teammates, I put the ballgag in her mouth. My secret was the same secret that led to record setting enrollments in previous years: She bound my arms behind me, at the wrist and elbow, and laid me down on my chest upon the table.

Their orgasms slowly unwind, her muscles relaxing and his balls running dry.

My Mummy and Our Naukar

What was going on? She was talking excitedly about a protest. After everyone went to bed and things died down again, she fell asleep in my arms, quite happy that the room was cool enough to rely on each other to stay warm. Oh shit… where did his clothes go? I carefully laid out the plan, and made a run for it!

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