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Since the longitudinal studies of the 's and 80's of females with trisomy X followed into adulthood, there have been very few additional research studies focused exclusively on this genetic disorder. J Med Assoc Thai. However, particular segments of the X chromosome, known as the pseudoautosomal regions PAR1 and PAR2have Y chromosome homologs and therefore are not inactivated and remain genetically active [ 5051 ]. Diagnosis Karyotype analysis of peripheral blood is the most standard test used to make the diagnosis. However, this study may be biased as it was based on a small sample of patients and did not control for several environmental influences, such as socioeconomic status and family support. Trisomy X occurs from a nondisjunction event, in which the X chromosomes fail to properly separate during cell division either during gametogenesis resulting in a trisomic conceptusor after conception known as post-zygotic nondisjunction.

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Adolescents and adult women presenting with late menarche, menstrual irregularities, or fertility problems should be evaluated for POF.

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Poor P What can we say about poor. X chromosome-specific cDNA arrays: One exception is the SHOX gene, which escapes X-inactivation and is associated with the short stature seen in Turner syndrome and the tall stature in supernumerary sex chromosome aneuploidy conditions [ 5556 ]. Social immaturity relative to peers may be present, and this, along with cognitive and executive function impairments, can make some girls with trisomy X vulnerable to social pressures from peers and victimization. Summary of clinical findings: Couples should be informed that the occurrence of trisomy X is due to a random event, that there is nothing that they did to cause or prevent the occurrence.

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