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It's monsoon season and the rain is torrential. That is why most girls and women get their periods around once a month. These hormones cause the lining of the uterus or womb to build up. Have you seen Sushmita Sen's stylish boyfriend? For the first few years after a girl starts her period, it may not come regularly.

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A menstrual shed sits among the trees in the village of Narsi in western Nepal.

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People are offended by period themed drawings put up on the Stockholm subway

Most girls get their first period when they're around You can blame your intelligence. Heard on Weekend Edition Saturday. Five rules of wearing nude lip colour. She says her dad has always supported her goal to go to college abroad — even though many girls in Nepal don't get to go to college at all. In Hinduism, there was once a king of the gods, who reigned above others. The nonprofit is working with girls and women in western Nepal to end a tradition called chaupadi — that's held them back for thousands of years:

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