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Approximately in the middle is the urethral opening, through which urine leaves the body. How close are the anus and the vagina? Are there two holes on both sides of a vagina? The penis is actually something that grows much later on? One long body cavity with its entrance at the labia and at the top it ends with the cervix, which has a tiny hole the size of a pinprick that goes thru to the uterus. Why do I have a hole in tooth near my gum? Related Questions Are the vagina and the urine hole the same?

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Testicles and ovaries were originally the same thing!

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You could only see it if she spread apart her labia and you could look up into the opening. Quora UserCertified Chilean Midwife. From the back and going forward, there is first the anusthen the vagina vaginal orifice in the picture belowthen smallest of all, the urethra urethral orificethe urinary opening. Quora UserI am a woman. Do many women shave their vaginas?

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