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Plus, those photos are forever — and easily copied. Thank you for your support. So, the pieces here where you're kind of asking if what you're doing now does or doesn't "count? That question became the keystone of every great teen movie since. In most cases these psychotherapy patients reported similar types of memories of the molestation: I sort of feel like watching porn has cursed me to be aroused my unhealthy things.

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I watched porn for two years, during that time learned a lot of stuff that disagreed with the porn, became more and more hypocritical, stopped watching porn, then lowkey started watching it again. As i masturbate, the images in my head begin to get more and more bad and fall back into a lot of the tropes in porn i used to watch, sometimes involving people that I actually know, which makes me feel awful for thinking those thoughts, and I try to push them out of my head, but like i said when I'm horny i don't seem to be able to pull my thoughts away from masturbation,and i usually end up ejaculating to images like that, and I hate it, but I don,t know how to stop it. As a psychotherapist, father of two daughters and a member of civilization, this topic troubles and worries me greatly. I don't think that I was attracted to any of those things, but more that they were risque. There really isn't "good" or "bad" fantasy, or "good" or "bad" thoughts.

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