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The sequence of 28S ribosomal RNA varies within and between human cell lines. Well, for a few reasons. To localize potential sites of cleavage, primers were designed to five specific subregions along the 28S rRNA transcript Fig. Stably folded RNAs can occlude primers and reverse transcriptase, leading to their exclusion from further analysis, thus marginalizing their representation during sequencing Zhang et al. Click here to view. The distribution of reads along the length of these transcripts exhibited a high degree of non-uniformity that was reiterated between donors. A new retail store selling vintage housewares has opened in a historic Corktown storefront.

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Identification of human sperm transcripts as candidate markers of male fertility.

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Cleavage of rRNA ensures translational cessation in sperm at fertilization

Hence, cleavage not expulsion of the RNA component of the translational machinery is responsible for preventing spurious translation following spermiogenesis. The 5S and 5. The controversy, potential and roles of spermatozoal RNA. Stress is bad for almost everything in your body, including your sperm. For Permissions, please email:

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