Midget bipolar cell

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Midget ganglion cells of the monkey retina presumably also of human retina are known to respond to light with an opponent chromatic organization in their surround Gouras,; Dacey and Packer, ; Reid and Shapley, Fig. The midget-parvocellular pathway of marmoset retina: The illustration is from Kolb, EM of a Golgi stained invaginating midget bipolar cell in the monkey retina. Nature,

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In fact the S-cones are seen as the larger profiles disrupting the hexagonal mosaic in the wholemount view of the foveal mosaic of Figure 2 arrows point to S-cones.

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Midget cell

Midget ganglion cells MGC have larger dendritic fields here seen at 8 mm as they increase in eccentricity. Stroma Pupil Iris dilator muscle Iris sphincter muscle. The specialized cone pathways of the central fovea of human and monkey retinas have the least convergence and the greatest resolution capabilities of the visual system. Five human foveal ganglion cells were reconstructed and found to share input from seven midget bipolar cells. The area of the retina where the cone photoreceptors are most closely packed in a more or less hexagonal array, is, of course, the center of the fovea which is about one degree across Fig.

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midget bipolar cell
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midget bipolar cell
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