Sensous men and women figurines

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In India, Art found its home in the temple which was not only the physical core, but the soul of the community. Jung described this state of self-realization as follows: They were dharma, in the narrow sense of religious merit ; artha, the means for the attainment of desires ; karma, desire, and moksha, the absolute integra- tion of personality which released a man from the bondage of desires. One of the finest pieces of the period discovered so far at Kanauj is the image of the dancing Ganesha. Ill The great Asiatic mother Goddess Ma, and the father god Atthis, of the pre-historic period, were associated, one with the lion, the other with a bull, as were Shakti and Shiva.

The archaic erection is sometimes placed in the seventh century, in which event it would be earlier to the Kailashanatha temple at Ellora.

Art Deco Figurines

During this period, the movement of the spirit was represented by bhakti, which flowed apart from the life of the courts and often ran underground, driving sensitive souls to seek escape in other-worldliness or in the joy of contemplating the love of Radha and Krishna. Unhappy memories of the barbarian incursions were forgotten and the past was read by an enthusiastic present in happy enough terms so as to become its unfailing inspira- tion. All the finds recovered from these areas so far show the existence of a Western School of Art ; some of them show distinct Achccmeneid influence. For Newton is not kidding about sex. He has kutidala in his ears.

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