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The scene had the unfortunate woman stripped and paraded naked being dragged by her hair in a slow circle before her lecherous oppressors so as to allow them a visual fill of her. When others asked you about it, did you dare publicly admit it? They will control themselves in the same way as a doctor control himself by not getting scared looking at blood. Submit any pending changes before refreshing this page. It wasn't like, lingering on anything that I felt, you know, modest about or anything. I was pretty nervous. I am an actor.

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The overwhelming challenge was how to show two and in this case even more people having sex without depicting the act of thrusting.

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Have Hollywood actors ever actually had sex in a sex scene without the crew knowing about it? The most recent I've heard of was Shia Labeouf in a movie called Nymphomaniac. Not just from this movie, from every movie I've done. When others asked you about it, did you dare publicly admit it? Can I touch him there? And he's smashing me and fucking the shit out of me in the scene. First of all while shooting any scenes either the scene is emotional or romantic they don't feel anything.

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