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Yeah, there's nothing odd about that. Just be glad that your body can do that, because some women simply cannot. I don't believe that the angle of your uterus would affect your G-spot too much because it is an area adjacent to erectile tissue that is not very deep at all. Don't blame yourself for this one. Yup, I agree with everything being said. If you want tampons, just ask.

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My husband claims to also enjoy having a little more wiggle room, but that might be because we don't have to quit after once a day anymore.

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Speak Easy: Incest And The Broken Uterus

It's nothing to be worried about and it's probably just a matter of the blood running free with nothing to stop it, along with the natural shifts in your vagina as you masturbate. There's certainly a lot of variation in reproductive organs across people, but just about everyone can manage a satisfying sex life, no matter how unusual their bits. I have a friend whose daughter 13 yrs old I think just started her period recently and as far as I know she uses pads now. Or putting it in right after you finish before you get out of the shower. Combined with the water it just looks worse than it really is. Yup, I agree with everything being said. Hmm… Child sex abuse survivors have symptoms in common with somatic disorders?

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tilted uterus masturbation
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tilted uterus masturbation
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