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I have a tight foreskinit does'nt hurt or cause any problems for me as far as I can think so I dont think any of you guys should worry about it unless its giving you problems: My son has a very small hole in the peniswhen he go to bathroom i have watched that it looks like a balloon and once he is done it looks normal. OK so the other day I went to go urine my penis look normal didnt see anything abnormal. Every time I try to pull my skin back it really hurts and the pain is not the only issue, the sensitivity on my penies is the worst part. I do masternate normally.

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My penis is 5 inches long.

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Tight foreskin

Somtimes it gives itching also. I am only just going thru puberty, and when I touch it, it hurts and I can't touch it again. Got the same problem. We have been married for more than 46 y What to do now? I can't pull or roll the foreskin backwards when it is erected and if can roll it but it hurts. If your problem is caused by a yeast infection, you will be advised to use an antifungal cream.

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