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Lois looked around the house. Lois never wanted to see her disappointment of a child again. However, when he is kidnapped in " Leggo My Meg-O ", he will go to lengths to rescue her. This article is about the cartoon character. First, she showed her my bulging belly that was full of her brother's offspring.

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Out of all the relationships with the rest of the family, Lois, Brian and Chris seem to treat her the most normally.

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Meg Griffin

When her parents stare at her blankly, she cries, "I'm allergic to peanuts! In " Model Misbehavior ", when Meg compares Lois' childhood bedroom to her own, Lois notes that they were the same except that hers contained many trophies and pictures of friends; Lois nearly dropped Joe to his death during a chase through the sewers in " Breaking Out is Hard to Do " when he asked her to pretend that he is her child, and then quickly directs her away from thinking of Meg after Lois loosens her grip; and after Meg told her mom she loved her during " Peter's Daughter ", Lois pointedly did not say anything in response. In the episode " Peter's Daughter ", Meg falls in love with a medical student named Michael Milano after coming out of a short coma caused by Peter when he asked her to "rescue" beer and make him a sandwich out of an already flooded kitchen and they start to date. When the family tries an anger management technique of writing letters and not sending them, Meg finds Peter's letter to her, which says, "Dear Meg, for the first four years of your life, I thought you were a house cat. Now, all Lois wanted was to see Meg one more time. I gotta lotta agita for this one, Lois.

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