Fcc amateur complaint log

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They told me to buzz off on a Public Safety interference complaint, Keyed down transmitter on Once the complaint was filed it took about 4 week before I was contacted by the power company and they were then eager to work with me to correct the issue. I filed an interference complaint with the FCC about the power company a few years back after they took no action to correct the issue. Technician, General, and Amateur Extra. Of course, variables such as your flying altitude and any solid obstacles between the video receiver and the aircraft could impact that value. Well I was under the impression that the letter went to the FCC.

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The cab company sounds better now actually.

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FCC Issues Notice of Unlicensed Operation in Public Safety Interference Complaint:

Gbcue Premium Member join: I estimate that I invested about eight hours of leisurely preparation time. I could see where a FPV flyer with a ham radio license could try new things, like working toward a better antenna to get more distance in their flight or improved circuitry around the transmission. For all you know they could be interfering with someone else's communications. Most Active Forum Topics this week

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fcc amateur complaint log
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fcc amateur complaint log

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