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Shauntal knows what writing romance does to her mood, but what happens when her arousal is picked up on by her psychic friend? The hot coffee calmed her, helped temper her nerves and let her open the book and continue without having a total breakdown. She lost count of them in the hundred-and-tens. Cheryl hardly deserved to be the only one giving, and so Gardenia released the hair and gently pushed Cheryl away,slipping down the tree and catching a few unfortunate scratches from the bark. Closing her eyes, she tried to take a few deep breaths.

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As she ran fingers along Cheryl's bare stomach as had been done to her earlier, Gardenia slowly tugged at Cheryl's panties, whose whiteness had come as a shock to Gardenia the first time they made love.

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Caitlin was guarded, but it seemed to come so easily to her, while Shauntal couldn't hide emotions under all the layers she could muster. Again, she noticed Caitlin looking at her, this time with some strange mix of frustration and confusion. Sunlight filtered in through the foliage, brightening Gardenia's exposed, tanned midriff. It was followed up by a moan, as swiftly Gardenia changed position, straddling the unraised leg and pressed their slick folds together. It was with great eagerness that she left her house, a bounce in her step and a smile on her face. Gardenia was standing in front of her, completely naked. Even she had standards.

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